Welcome to Tonopah Valley High School

Proud Home of the Phoenix

We welcome you to the Tonopah Valley High School website. We’re proud to be one of Arizona’s outstanding schools. Thanks for checking in to see the exciting programs and activities happening here at our school and in our community. We provide world-class education in Tonopah, Arizona. We're located just minutes from the Metro Phoenix area. We invite you to stop by for a visit next time you're in the area.

We hope you'll visit this website often to stay updated on the latest news and events at Tonopah Valley High. You'll find it’s a great place to join as a community in support of our kids. We look forward to partnering with you as we encourage and inspire our students.

A Message from our Principal

Dear Tonopah Valley High School Parents and Students:

Laura Bowden

Welcome to our extraordinary academic journey as we embrace the majestic Phoenix, symbolizing transformation and resilience. Our theme, "Soar to New Heights: Igniting the Phoenix Spirit," captures our ambition to push boundaries and achieve greatness. Like the Phoenix, we embrace change, grow stronger, and ignite our inner flames. We encourage audacious goals, relentless work, and a culture of continuous improvement. We raise our expectations to surpass limits and redefine what is possible. Our commitment to excellence in education means an enriched curriculum, innovative teaching, and a nurturing learning environment. Together, we rise as a supportive and inclusive community, celebrating diversity and valuing unique talents. We believe that failure is a stepping-stone to success, and we emerge stronger from every challenge. With unwavering commitment, we spread our wings, take flight, and embody the indomitable spirit of the Phoenix. Together, we soar, embody greatness, and truly take flight.


Laura Bowden

Laura Bowden, Principal